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Price per minute: $9.99 as of January 16th, 2017

Nick Name: Kristin_Kavallari

Sex: Female

Age: 27

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Languages: English

Race: White

Body Type: Petite

Boob Size: Average

Pussy Hair: Bald

Sign: Libra

Measurements: 35-28-41" (89-71-104cm)

Height: 5'2" (1.6m)   Weight: 130lbs (58kg)

Interests: Feet, Leather, Oil, Submissive, Toys, Voyeur

What Gets Me Off:

CAM2CAM, skimpy panties, leather, clean feet, being spoiled with gifts, being admired, compliments, submissive men.

What I Do On Cam:

Alright, let's do this! I love talking and making new friends here. Intimate chats are my specialty so what are you waiting for?

My Sex Skills:

SQUIRTING is what I do best! Bouncing, squeezing, licking, spreading, fingering, toys, dancing, dirty talk, role-play.


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  • nobody282 nobody282 - on 12/12/12 -
    1   22
    love her attitude. but why was your squirt yellow last show? do any cam girls really squirt anymore?
  • Tileman0 Tileman0 (2) - on 07/20/12 -
    8   26
    Not much fun to watch, ive seen two shows and she promised alot and i wasn't very impressed with either performance. Plus she stays drunk and high the whole time and i also was a high tipper and she never responded to my emails about my videos i was supposed to received streamate gave me my money back thankfully
  • jakehardon jakehardon - on 06/18/12 -
    14   30
    She was too drunk and she didn't squirt as much as she claimed she was going to. I have seen much better. Horrible!
  • baLLooner67 baLLooner67 (3) - on 09/01/13 -
    1   10
    She always has some sort of issue to deal with while in show, wastes time, and sorry but isn't very entertaining. One toy? She's a bit stuck on herself too, which I find unattractive. I was very disappointed, to say she is the best is a stretch. I gave it three tries, but I won't be back.
  • Dicksie Dicksie - on 07/18/12 -
    9   16
    I have seen several of her shows, and to be honest lately, shes not the same girl. Id give her 10 stars if she was how she use to be, now she seems fake, and snobby, and all of a sudden squirts, thats good if thats what your into. Bring back old kristin!
  • iRock3897 iRock3897 - on 07/21/12 -
    5   12
    * Comment edited
  • rabbit rabbit (62) - on 05/14/12 -
    14   20
    Sometimes you want your babes with bleach blonde hair, painted eyebrows and a skinny rack. When you do, you reach out for Kristin_Kavallari. She is a little rough around the edges but that's just the way you want it, right? She starts this show sucking hard on a flesh-colored dildo , going from balls to shaft, slurping like a dirty whore. She stands, rear to the cam and spreads her ass so you can see right into the pinkness of her stink. Yep - she may be a little drunk for this show, but it just adds to Kristin_Kavallari's mystique. When she penetrates herself, she almost looks like she's going to cry, leaving that caked on masquera sliding down her face. Instead, she grabs her fuck toy and pumps herself in her tight pussy which she says can hold a dong in it even while standing. She cums pretty noticeably in this show. Check her out for a rough ride. I don't think you'll be disappointed laying down gold for this girl. Kristin_Kavallari can entertain. Hats off to that.
  • MARK MARK - on 07/19/12 -
    6   10
    * Comment edited
  • LillyOrtega69 LillyOrtega69 (6) - on 07/21/12 -
    9   10
    Kristin is awesome period. She gets a lot of flack because she's kind of a Bad girl but thats what is so fun and sexy about her!!! She has this naughty smile that makes you just wanna spank her!! In her shows you can tell she is so horny and she is so good at fucking her door and her Bj eyes are to die for. Basically if your a chill person who can have fun you will love her!!
  • MichaelB MichaelB - on 07/26/15 -
    3   3
    Fake everything and way too much attitude. Always drunk and too into herself. Half the stuff she said she would do she didnt. And whats with the fake squirting? Not worth the money. Theres a reason for all the bad comments - shes no "top model" anymore - her crew has seen its hey days go bye bye because their attitudes changed. What a waste.
  • awildcountryboy awildcountryboy (1) - on 07/18/12 -
    10   9
    She is hot and sexy as hell. I'd fuck her over and over again, damn.... oh yeah guys her eyes are to die. Nice tits. Just too hot for words.. go get her now.
  • Anonymous1 Anonymous1 (7) - on 02/02/14 -
    2   1
    oh fuck yes i love your hot little pissy i just want to fuck it hard i love you
  • BedRocker0223 BedRocker0223 (1) - on 06/10/14 -
    1   0
    Amazing Performer
  • Fendoriver Fendoriver (3) - on 06/12/14 -
    2   1
    I liked it!!!I visited few of her shows and twice she was drunk.I could not say that show was boring or bad but she was drunk)
  • peacenick peacenick (8) - on 07/18/12 -
    12   10
    I love watching Kristin she's fun,beautiful and very entertaining to watch and be with.
  • NakitaLynn NakitaLynn - on 07/23/12 -
    8   6
    Beautiful eyes and lips with an amazing ass! Kristin, please don't let negative comments get to you personally, because in the end they only make you more money and greater. I have a full motor cooler of beer waiting for you with open arms if you ever decide to visit LOL!!!
  • Bonjour12345677 Bonjour12345677 (1) - on 07/18/12 -
    12   9
    Kristin is a sweet, sexy, HOT, beautiful and giving cam model! You will not believe her shows..they are AMAZING! She ALWAYS gives 100 percent of herself...and she has a WONDERFUL personality. You will be missing out if you don't get to know her. I rate her 5 stars! She definitely deserves it..and I've been on this site for almost a year. I liked her right from the start. xoxo
  • Lattimer Lattimer (1) - on 07/18/12 -
    12   9
    Kristin is fun in free chat and hot as hell in the Gold shows. She works her ass off to make everyone happy and ends the show with a huge squirt. Definitely worth the price of admission.
  • Shangster Shangster - on 07/18/12 -
    11   8
    She was awesome! Great squirting show!! Well worth the money and awesome personality!! 5 STARS!!
  • bear1 bear1 - on 07/18/12 -
    12   9
    She is outstanding at her shows and very nice and lovely girl
  • Hotdog17 Hotdog17 - on 07/18/12 -
    10   7
    Kristin is one of my favorite cam girls. I've watched her shows multiple times, and she has always put on a great show. I love how she is nice enough to talk with everyone in free chat as well. TRUST ME...you will enjoy her shows! Can't wait to see her in action again soon!
  • Alanzo Alanzo (1) - on 07/18/12 -
    7   4
    She's top dolla. holla holla
  • Cee Cee - on 07/22/12 -
    7   4
    First saw this girl in a 3some, and been cumming back again and again. Her shows have progressed and developed as she tries new things out. Always had fun in her room.
  • studmuffin studmuffin (1) - on 07/22/12 -
    9   6
    Im not a cam model, but I do go to Kristin's room alot. lol I have nothing bad to say about her. She does her thing. No matter how fast the chats going she STILL keeps up with what everyones saying. Shes involved unlike other girls ive seen. If anyones on here talking negative about Kristin youre jealous of the moneyy she's making or her looks... either or... you choose! :) <333333333
  • hectorgoodly hectorgoodly - on 07/18/12 -
    9   5
    Excellent. Number 1 cam girl. Does this thing with a door that you can watch from below. Squirts. Bears an amazing resemblance to a certain hollywood actress, in case you want to live out any boyhood fantasies involving costumed wall crawlers.
  • Adam1281 Adam1281 - on 07/21/12 -
    8   4
    Kristin is the sexiest cam girl by far(sorry mandi)she is so good other cam girls buy her show just to come here and pretend to be men writing bad reviews because they can't get anyone to buy their show. No real man has seen her show and hated on it. She is worth every penny of your hard earned money.
  • PAULBB21 PAULBB21 - on 07/21/12 -
    8   3
    Super Sexy is Kristin Kavallari. Hot blond with a nice rack and a beautiful smile. She loves to party and have a good time on cam.
  • MissBiancaLux MissBiancaLux - on 07/23/12 -
    6   1
    I love watching Kristin! She's gorgeous, entertaining, and so funny! And her body is bangin!
  • Mark Mark - on 08/27/12 -
    5   0
    Great show in free chat and gold shows. Lets you peek into her life and daily going ons which is cool.
  • BigWilly BigWilly - on 08/30/12 -
    5   0
    She is a Hot ASS Model!
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